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Gender   Identity   Dysphoria:

This is the feeling of being born in the wrong body. Physically female, but male at heart, an FTM transsexual has a constant battle going on inside. Trying to fit societies standards for the perceived gender, most FTMs are very unhappy. There are very few non-transgenered people who understand and even fewer who are willing to help. Gays, Lesbians, Bissexual and even MTF transsexuals seem to overlook FTMs. They don't seem to realize that there are more FTMs than there seems to be. Therefore, it is necessary for FTMs to form their own support group and show themselves to the rest of the GLBT community....Out of this need, I have formed S.T.A.G.s (Some Transgenders Are Guys) in the Houston, Texas Area.

Troy Ham

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The above Title stands for Some Transgenders Are Guys. I am Troy. I am the chairman of S.T.A.G.s. Welcome to all of you who visit this page.

Gender Blues

"You have a girl," the doctor said on the day I was born.
From that day until this, that's the gender I have worn.
It mattered not what I thought or who I felt I was.
I am a girl because the doctor said I was.
I sighed, I cried; I stared starry-eyed.
I dreamed, I fantasized; I protested these lies.
All my life, I was ignored when I told them all that I am a boy.
The truth brought me joy,
but no one heard my gender blues.
The doctor told a lie, not the truth.
I am a man. I was never a girl.

My poem published in "Embracing Our Pasts" by Watermark Press © 2001 by the International Library of Poetry as a compilation.

This is a page for transgendered individuals, their families and friends. I am hoping that by getting information to the public, that we can find solutions to the many problems that transgender people face every day.

Take, for instance, names and gender markers...I have introduced myself as Troy, but as an FTM, I am not legally Troy--yet. That means that I have to do everything as a woman. However, that is very bad for my self-esteem since it is contrary to my gender identity.

Another example of our difficulties is financial. Surgery, electrolysis, hormones, psychiatrists, and sometimes other medications cost an exorbitant amount of money and seldom do insurance companies cover any of the costs.

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